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Road Rules Around Emergency Vehicles in Queensland

Drive for long enough and you’re bound to be in situations where Emergency Response Vehicles are involved in a struggle to push through traffic. There are lights flashing and sirens wailing and the natural response can be to begin to rush and become flustered. It’s important to remain calm and keep your wits about you. You are still in charge of your vehicle and an accident or injury is only going to make the situation far worse. A refresher of …

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Safety Tips for Delivery Drivers

While being a delivery driver isn’t considered the most dangerous job in the world, it definitely comes with its own set of risks. Most of the time, delivery drivers are operating large trucks or refrigerated vehicles that are heavier than your everyday sedan, and tie that in with the fatigue that comes with being on the road for the majority of the day, and the risks begin to add up. Being motor vehicle accident compensation experts, Revolution Law has seen …

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WorkCover Claim Lump Sum Offer – To Accept Or Reject

Do not accept your offer until you have spoken to one of our LawyersThere is no point taking a risk on your future when you can get free legal advice from an expert. We will explain your risks, your options and you entitlement. If it’s in your best interest, we will act. If not then we will let you know. If we further investigate your matter for you, then no matter what happens if you do accept WorkCover’s Lump Sum …

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Back Injury Workers Compensation

A back injury is not only painful it can have drastic impacts on the quality of your life. Such injuries can impact your workplace productivity and future employment capabilities and prospects. Back injuries can include but are not limited to sprains and strains, bulging discs, slipped discs, fractured vertebrae, tailbone injuries and whiplash.Most commonly back injuries occur at work due to:Insufficient trainingImproper lifting techniquesLifting of heavy loadsCutting corners due to time constraintsOverexertion from lifting, carrying and throwingIf you have obtained …

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Statutory Claims v Common Law Claims – Work Injury Compensation

Many workers are confused when it comes to their rights in a work place accident and understanding that there are two types of claims that can occur in a Workers Compensation matter.The first claim that you will make if you have been injured at work or on your way to work is called a Statutory Claim. This claim is started when you fill in an application and lodge it with WorkCover or your employer’s self-insurer. It is more than likely your …

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The Importance Of Reporting Work Place Accidents

Injuries and fatalities can occur in an unsafe work environment. Work Safe Australia has played an important role since 2008 in developing national policies regarding Workplace Health and Safety and Workers Compensation. While Australia holds an excellent track record in improving the conditions of employment for workers we are still seeing high numbers of fatalities and injuries at work throughout Australia.   In 2017 there were 181 fatalities at work and this year hasn’t seen much improvement with already 16 …

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Injured At Your Workplace? Here Are Your Rights

Have you been injured at work? We empathise. This can be a very stressful time, especially if you are unable to work for an extended period of time and have a family and financial commitments to think about.Our goal as your legal representation is to help you with compensation so that your injury management is timely, safe, secure and comfortable. We want to help you return to work if possible, and to make the transition from working to recovery, and …

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Compensation Claims And Rejected Injuries

In 2013 Ms. Connor who was a train guard for Queensland Rail was injured when an unfortunate accident saw that she was struck by a train door she was attempting to hold open when the train took off. When the train door struck her, it pushed her off the train where she was then dragged along the platform by the moving train.Not long after the accident, Ms. Connor started the process of making a compensation claim due to the injuries …

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Can I Make A TPD Claim?

Total and permanent disablement (TPD) insurance provides you with a lump sum benefit if you cannot work due to sickness or injury. Your insurer will define in your policy whether you can make a TPD claim as either when you can’t work again in any occupation, or you can’t work in your usual occupation.  Making a TPD claim and receiving a lump sum payment will help you moving forward with your everyday living expenses, necessary rehabilitation and past debts.  Previously you may have arranged …

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