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Revolution Law

August 23

Long before starting Revolution Law it had been ingrained into Ryan Birch, the director of Revolution Law, that when you run a business, no matter how big or small it is and no matter now old or new it is- there is a corporate responsibility to make a difference in the lives of others. This belief came from the encouragement of other inspirational small businesses that have made a big difference in the lives of others both locally and globally.

When Revolution Law was founded Ryan and his wife Julia both decided to choose a charity of which they had a personal attachment to. Ryan chose Bowel Cancer Australia and Julia chose Jacobs Well India.

Today we will look at Jacobs Well India and explain why Revolution Law has chosen to partner with this amazing not profit organisation.

A little bit about Jacobs Well

Jacobs Well has the vision to bring justice and hope for the desperately poor throughout the world by virtue of improved health, knowledge and quality of life.

Jacob’s Well hopes to break the poverty cycle by sinking fresh water wells in villages, establishing health and resource centres and providing life changing education for children from tribal villages and the slums.


Jacobs Well works mainly in the state of Orissa, India. The founder Joan Roose is an inspirational Australian woman who has dedicated the last 12 years of her life to making a difference to some of the world’s most poverty stricken people.  You can read more about her story here http://jacobswell.org.au/jacobs-well-founder/.

Interview with Julia Birch

How did you find out about Jacobs Well?

In year twelve my Mum said that if I wanted to go to India and volunteer in a children’s home as an alternative to going to schoolies, then she would pay for the cost of my trip.  It was an obvious choice for me and this trip sharpened my life vision as all I wanted to do from there on in was make a difference to others.

What happened next? 

Life happened and I got married. Ryan always knew how keen I was to make a difference and knew that I had quite the obsession with India. In 2014 we traveled together to India where Ryan and I organised a short soccer workshop in the Agape Children’s home which is located in Gujarat. Seeing poverty first hand is a completely different experience to an explanation, documentary or advertisement and from there on in Ryan personally understood why I had such a heartfelt connection for India.

Did you want to do more before the start of Revolution Law?        

Ryan and I had always wanted to do more, but between both of us working as employees, babies and the mortgage we found our position limiting.  Revolution Law has been able to change that.

How did the topic come up of Corporate Responsibility?                  

It was one of our focus points when starting the business over a year ago as we didn’t see much happening from our former employers and knew that we ourselves could make a difference. We know a number of other businesses (including my folks) that support similar projects. I have always respected businesses that take on the corporate responsibility of making a difference and when I search for a service or a product then a businesses corporate responsibility can tell me alot about the character of that company

Do your clients lose out from any donations that Revolution Law make?        No! We only use OUR profit to give. For every claim we settle, we make a donation. We do this on behalf of our clients. When they choose Revolution Law they take part in making a difference.

Will you sponsor charities or community groups in the future?        

As mentioned we have decided to partner with two organisations, by focusing on ongoing support instead of a bigger variety we can make a bigger impact. However, over this last year we have further been proud sponsors of a locally run children’s soccer program MK13 and the Australian Police Rugby Union Club the Wallopers.

My personal perspective is that the time my husband Ryan has spent volunteering at the Bayside Legal Community Centre and all the extra hours he has spent in the evenings doing pro bono work simply because he has seen the injustice of someone’s situation is one of the biggest attributes to what’s in the heart of the man that runs the show.  There are not a lot of law firms that I like, but I certainly love this one!


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