Rohan Priest

Compensation Lawyer

Rohan Priest is a joyful addition to the team at Revolution Law.  Rohan has spent over four years in the niche field of compensation law, and he is a competent and professional lawyer which our clients have come to know and trust.

Previously located and working in Townsville, Rohan has made a lifestyle change and now resides in Brisbane. With his experience and knowledge, Rohan’s warm personality and focus on high-quality customer service is appealing to many of our clients as personalised and professional service is an attribute that many clients are seeking in a lawyer alongside with skill and experience.  With Rohan acting as their Lawyer, our clients get to tick all of these boxes.

Rohan is such a willing and friendly lawyer, there is no case too big and no case too tough that Rohan doesn't have time to delve into. You can expect high quality and professionalism in his work at all times and he is certainly the Lawyer that you want onside to obtain the best possible results in your legal claim.

Rohan is currently located at the Slacks Creek Revolution Law Office. If you would like to get in touch and arrange for a free consultation with Rohan then call Revolution Law today on 07 3416 4999.