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We Want to See you at Light of the World

This year, we are looking forward to being one of the sponsors for ‘Light of the World.’ Light of the World is a fantastic community multicultural music festival which provides a safe and exciting option for anyone looking for a Halloween alternative in the city of Logan. This event is exceptionally well run by the not-for-profit group Children of Destiny, their goal is to provide parents and children with the option to celebrate without the spooky horror which can be very …

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Happy Law Firm. Happy Clients. It Just Makes Sense.

Unlike any other personal injury law firm we know, our firm hasn’t been advertising recently. Even our odd billboard has received the chop because we find that every second billboard is that of a personal injury advertisement and the world really doesn’t need one more. We will of course release the odd Facebook post every now and then just so everyone knows that we are not from a prehistoric era and we can be social media savvy.  As such, it has …

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Floods Devastate Logan

Logan has been hit by an absolutely devastating flood over these last few days. Houses have been ruined, shops destroyed, parks and sporting fields absolutely trashed. Despite the chaos, there has been a rallying amongst the community, the spirit of Logan has not been crushed. We have seen time and time again people supporting, encouraging and helping one another. It is such a privilege to service such a resilient and strong community.Revolution Law wishes to acknowledge all of the incredible Men …

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Happy Friday And Have An Safe & Enjoyable Weekend!

What A Fantastic Week, And We Have Topped It Off With A Court Decision Being Handed Down In Favour Of One of Our Clients This Afternoon, Great Result For A Great Client – You Know Who You Are!Happy Friday To Everyone And Have A Safe Long Weekend!

Word Is Getting Out About Revolution Law – What A Day

We have had some rapid growth in new personal injury clients occurring over the past few months particularly with our referral base where the word about our capped fees on no win, no fee personal injury claims is really getting out.We’ve seen client enquiries and visitor numbers to our website increasing Gradually each & every month but today we literally saw an explosion in visitors and client enquiries alike.Whilst we are extremely happy to see our firm excel, we actually …

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We are delighted to announce that we have partnered with Bishopp Billboards to start a yearlong advertising campaign around Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich and the Surat Basin.  You will see our fun billboards popping up in various locations. We are really stoked with the opportunity that Bishopp has provided for us so that we can get our services known to the broader Queensland community.To this point we have been solely a word of mouth firm, our clients love us and recommend …

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The Heart Behind Revolution Law

Long before starting Revolution Law it had been ingrained into Ryan Birch, the director of Revolution Law, that when you run a business, no matter how big or small it is and no matter now old or new it is- there is a corporate responsibility to make a difference in the lives of others. This belief came from the encouragement of other inspirational small businesses that have made a big difference in the lives of others both locally and globally.When …

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