True Or False: Can QLD Drivers Receive Double Demerit Points Over The Easter Period In NSW

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April 1

It is coming up to Easter school holidays and for many people it’s a time for relaxation and fun.  There is chocolate to eat, holidays to go on and families to visit. It’s a busy time on the roads throughout Australia and with New South Wales bordering our sunny state, it is definitely a popular driving destination for many Queenslanders.

When driving interstate it is very important to be aware of the road rules which will govern your journey. New South Wales has a double demerit scheme which they enforce during the school holiday periods. This scheme is in place to encourage safe and responsible driving and applies to such offences as speeding, failing to wear a seat belt and using a mobile phone whilst driving.

Surprisingly the holiday double demerit scheme does not currently apply to Queensland. Many Queensland drivers remain unsure as to whether or not double demerits would apply to them should they commit a driving offence in New South Wales during these designated holiday periods. As it stands, the offence would be recorded as a double demerit offence on the New South Wales State Traffic History, it would then be reported to Queensland Transport who record the offence against that driver’s Queensland Traffic History.  This results in no double demerit points being apportioned to the Queensland driver despite offending in New South Wales and the Queensland penalties will apply instead.

The only way for a Queensland driver to incur double demerits points recorded on their Queensland Driver’s Traffic history is if they repeat an offence that they have previously committed within a 12 month period. These offences include:

  •      speeding more than 20km/h;
  •      failing to wear a seatbelt;
  •      motorcycle helmet related offences; or
  •      using a mobile device while driving.

So can Queensland drivers receive double demerits over the Easter period in New South Wales? Well technically yes in the event that it is a repeat offence, however if it’s a first time offence then the normal fine and point penalties will apply.

Please however be eggstra careful this Easter particularly on the roads to ensure an eggciting season for all.


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