Property Damage Compensation

If your property has been damaged in a motor vehicle accident or some other incident – whether it’s your car or some other type of physical property – the party who caused the accident is liable to pay for the damages to your property. If the party who has caused the damage to your property has insurance, it makes managing a property damage claim relatively straightforward as their insurer will be the one to make the payment. 

However, if the person who has caused the accident is uninsured or not financially stable and can’t immediately make payment for the cost of the damage to your property, or if their insurance company refuses to pay the property damage claim, this can be much more difficult for you to manage and you may have to make a minor civil dispute claim.

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What You Need to Do for Your Property Damage Claim

If you have been involved in an accident or incident that was not your fault and you have sustained damage to your property, then it’s important to seek legal advice to make sure that your claim is smooth. We recommend that you also take pictures of the damage to your property as soon after the incident occurs so that there’s proof of the damage to your property.

If the police have been involved in your incident, then it’s important to get the police report with details about the accident, and everyone who was involved. And, if you have sustained damage and have not had the repairs or replacement valued yet, we advise that you take the necessary steps to find out how much the damage to your property will cost to repair.

At Revolution Law, we can help you collect this information and will also help you understand the process (and tick all the boxes) so that you don’t miss an opportunity, and so that your property damage claim is as smooth and simple as possible.

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How We Can Help You With Your Property Damage Claim

Our team of expert solicitors are experienced in managing property damage claims. We have helped countless clients receive appropriate compensation for damages, and as your property damage lawyer, you can be assured that we have the skill to manage your claim successfully – no matter how complex or involved it may be.

We act for clients that have been involved in a motor vehicle accident or another incident and require compensation for the physical damage to their vehicle or other property because of the negligence (fault) of the other parties involved. These claims can be difficult when an insurer is not involved, or when the accident is outside of the policy for the at-fault vehicle, therefore legal representation is required to obtain compensation to repair or replace the damaged vehicle or property.

If requested, we can commence these property damage claims for injured clients to assist them in their difficult time, when the last thing that they want to think of is chasing reimbursement or repair costs to their damaged vehicle or property.

Our Process

The first step after being involved in an accident is to contact us for a free consultation. In this consultation, we will assess the incident that’s taken place and can provide you with a clear indication of whether we believe that your property damage claim is likely to succeed. If we don’t believe that you will be successful, we will tell you outright instead of dragging you through a process that you don’t need to go through. And if we believe that you will be successful, we’ll start immediately by mapping out how things will proceed from here.

Property Damage Claims can be over quickly, or they can drag out – depending on how complicated the claim is. But with us by your side, we’ll ensure that the process will be smooth regardless. Your property damage lawyer can give you an indication of how long your claim is likely to take, and anything else that you need to know.