Noah Mortensen

Legal Assistant

Noah Mortensen is one of the youngest but longest serving team member’s at Revolution Law. Legal Practitioner Director Ryan Birch first met Noah playing soccer at Carina. Notably, Noah stood out among soccer players due to his studious nature and go-getting attitude. It was evident that he prioritised excelling in everything he did, upon completion of Year 12 it was no surprise that he was awarded Dux of his year level.  When Noah commenced university to obtain his Bachelor of Laws, Ryan knew it would be a smart move to get him on board his team. Noah is an absolute asset to the firm and has become extremely skilled and competent in his role as legal assistant to Senior Lawyer Olamide Kowalik.

Noah takes pride in producing high quality work and most importantly he is passionate about his role supporting clients obtain the best possible compensation result. With his friendly easy going nature Noah quickly builds rapport with clients, assisting them with a variety of tasks throughout their claim.  When Noah is not at Revolution Law, he is attending Uni or playing soccer.

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