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At Revolution Law, we are No Win, No Fee Lawyers.

This means we care about getting justice for our clients. Therefore, if your case is unsuccessful, we will not charge you the cost of your legal fees. Our No Win, No Fee Policy extends to a variety of our compensation services, encompassing Motor Vehicle Incidents, Person Injury, Worker’s Rights and more. 

Motor Vehicle Claims

Have you been injured in a motor vehicle incident? You may be entitled to compensation.

Worker's Rights

If you were injured at work or on the journey to or from work, you may be eligible to receive compensation for your injuries.

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Person Injury

Have you suffered harm or an injury due to another individual’s negligent actions? You may be eligible for a personal injury compensation claim

TPD Claims

Are you suffering from an illness or are you no longer able to perform your duties due to a severe injury? You may be entitled to make a TPD insurance claim.

Medical Claims

Have you sustained a personal injury due to poor medical care or lack of appropriate medical treatment? You may be eligible for a medical negligence compensation claim.

Bus Claims

If you have been injured while commuting on a bus or another form of public transport, you may be eligible for a compensation claim.

Property Claims

Has your property been damaged in an incident? You may be eligible to make a compensation claim against the party responsible for damage to your property.

Pedestrian Claims

Have you been involved in an accident with a car as a pedestrian? You may be eligible to make a motor vehicle personal injury compensation claim.

Bike Claims

Have you suffered an injury or damages from a motor vehicle while riding your bike? You may be entitled to make a bicycle accident compensation claim.

Public Liability

Have you been injured in a public place around the Brisbane or Logan region? Then you may be entitled to compensation for your injury.

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There are many different forms of personal injury claims within the area of Personal Injury Law. At Revolution Law, we have significant experience in personal injury claims and have obtained great outcomes for our clients. Let's explore your compensation options together.

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