Motor Vehicle Accident Compensation

For any motor vehicle accident that occurs on a Queensland road, one of our senior compensation lawyers can easily explain to you what your entitlements are to claim compensation and the process of a motor vehicle accident claim. If you believe you have a compensation claim, give us a call, and speak directly to a lawyer who can talk you through the next steps. Alternatively, you can fill in a contact form and one of our expert compensation lawyers will provide you with a call back at a time that suits you - weekends and evenings included. At Revolution Law, our team will go out of their way to ensure that you are a priority, not just a number. Get to know how we can help with a free case consultation. 

Our Claims Process

Our compensation lawyers don’t just focus on an end settlement. From the very start of a motor vehicle accident claim, we push the insurer to ensure that our clients receive all their entitlements, starting with their full entitlement to rehabilitation funding because a failure to obtain such rehabilitation can increase the chance of long-lasting symptoms and pain.

Whether it’s obtaining physiotherapy for soft tissue (whiplash) type injury, or something more severe where a client is seriously injured clients and needs funding for surgery, you’ll be working with the best Brisbane motor vehicle accident lawyers at Revolution Law.

How Our Clients Receive More:

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  • Regular contact and updates
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Queensland's CTP Compensation Scheme

A personal injury compensation claim is made against the CTP insurer of the vehicle that caused the accident, not against the other driver. Even if you were partially at fault, you may still be eligible to make a CTP claim, but your compensation may be reduced.

In Queensland, the CTP insurance is built into the registration of the vehicle and the insurer will be either Allianz, QBE, RACQ or Suncorp. CTP insurance covers an at-fault driver by providing compensation to the car accident victims from the CTP insurer’s premium pool. Accident victims can include passengers, other drivers, cyclists or pedestrians. 

Your Motor Vehicle Claims Taken Care of

While our clients focus on getting better after their motor vehicle accident, we start the process of evidence gathering. Evidence gathering is of utmost importance and an extremely detailed aspect of the claim. Our legal expertise will ensure that we obtain the required evidence to identify liability on the at-fault party/vehicle, as well as going above and beyond to obtain the evidence necessary to build the quantum (amount in monetary terms) of the claim to deliver the best settlement to our client. We will never settle for a second-best compensation offer and we will always go above and beyond to ensure that we can get the best result.

We strongly recommend that if you have been in a motor vehicle accident, you speak to one of our experienced compensation lawyers straight away. Your initial consultation is 100% free and it gives you an opportunity to have an expert explain your rights and entitlements. We have seen so many unfortunate circumstances where people have attempted to run their own motor vehicle accident claim only to be taken advantage of by the insurer. The evidence points to one thing; your compensation results will be substantially better if you have the advice and know-how of an experienced car accident lawyer running your claim.

If you are looking for a car accident lawyer in Brisbane to represent you with your compensation claim, then call Revolution Law. We can guarantee that you will quickly be able to speak to one of our experienced and friendly lawyers for pressure-free advice. Should you wish to consider proceeding with your claim, we can arrange a no-obligation, free initial meeting.

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