Not only are we Award-winning lawyers, leaders in the industry and experts in compensation claims, but we're also your neighbours. Our team has successfully supported the Brisbane, Logan and Gold Coast community through all the unexpected accidents that life can throw at you. No matter what the claim, our whole team is ready to back you and work with you towards success.

Legal Practitioner Director

Ryan Birch established Revolution Law in 2015, he continues to act in the firm as the Legal Practitioner... 

Special Counsel

Olamide Kowalik is one of Revolution Law’s senior lawyers. She was admitted as a Solicitor in...

Special Counsel

Rebekah studied law in order to make the positive change that she wanted to see in the community...

Accounts & Marketing

Julia is wife to Ryan Birch and as many entrepreneur’s partners would relate to, she has been swept along in...

Senior Compensation Lawyer

Kim Douglass is one of Revolution Law’s outstanding senior lawyer’s. She is an extremely skilled lawyer...

Senior Compensation Lawyer

Craig Bailey is a passionate lawyer with over 20 years of experience in compensation law in both Australia...

Compensation Lawyer

Lisa Phillips is an absolute asset to Revolution Law. With experience in a variety of roles including...

Dynamic Compensation Lawyer

Nari Ali is a dynamic compensation lawyer located at our Springwood office. Nari is exceptionally skilled...



Selina is one of our star paralegals assisting Senior Lawyer Craig Bailey across a range of personal injury...



Tracey is a valued member of the Revolution Law team. She assists Senior Lawyer Kim Douglass...


Mustapha is an excellent paralegal who assists Special Council Olamide Kowalik at the Revolution Law...

Legal Secretary

Trevor is the first point of contact at Revolution Law, whether you are walking through the door or calling...

Office Manager

Marree is the Office Manager here at Revolution Law. Her role within the Revolution Law Firm...


Wendy is the latest addition to the team at Revolution Law. Everyone needs a Wendy in their place of...

Our Support Staff


Support Staff


Support Staff


Support Staff

What We Do

  • World-Class customer service
  • Obsess over details
  • Celebrate our wins
  • Support and value our clients
  • Drink fine tea
  • Exceed expectations
  • Dad-Jokes
  • Honesty
  • Camping
  • Constant improvement
  • Reference Suits the TV Show

What We Don't Do

  • Overpromise
  • Underdeliver
  • Poor communication
  • Egos
  • False Promises
  • Boring Lawyer Jokes
  • Abandon cases
  • Ignore
  • Resist a Bunnings snag