Kim Douglass

Senior Compensation Lawyer

Kim Douglass is one of Revolution Law’s outstanding senior lawyer’s. She is an extremely skilled lawyer with over 20 years of experience in some of Queensland’s best performing law firms dealing with motor vehicle and workers compensation claims.  Kim is known by her clients to be compassionate and focused on the details that are crucial to getting excellent results. With her authentic and down to earth nature, Kim puts her clients at ease and supports them through what can be an overwhelming experience.

Kim is a family orientated person and her greatest joy is her children and her bubbly granddaughter. She loves spending time spoiling her Granddaughter by taking her to the cinema regularly. Kim is a keen cake decorator and creates the most stunning birthday cakes, the whole office looks forward to her Granddaughter’s birthday each year just to see what astronomically amazing birthday cake Kim will create. Most exceptionally, Kim is a Karaoke queen and regularly blows people away with this secret talent.

If you have a complex claim and you are seeking an experienced lawyer who takes pride in attention to detail and can speak with you in a matter of fact manner without complicating it all with legal jargon, then Kim is your Justice Fighter. She’ll stand by you and fight hard to ensure that you get the best outcome possible.