Joedy Bauer

Compensation Lawyer

Joedy Bauer is the newest lawyer to join the Revolution Law team. Her beautiful nature and passion for injured clients is a wonderful duo. Joedy has extensive experience with Motor Vehicle TPD claims. She is also well versed in Department of Veterans Affairs and Military injury claims.

Joedy is a compassionate and gentle lawyer who works diligently to ensure her clients will receive outstanding results. They say that it is always the quiet ones that know how to strike when the iron is hot and the same goes for Joedy, she confidently liaises with and manage the expectations of the insurers. Clients feel comfortable and at ease with Joedy as she calmly guides them through their compensation claim. She is always readily available to clients to provide not only a sympathetic ear but also advice and strategies on how to best approach their matter.

Prior to entering the world of Law, Joedy spent six years serving in the Australian Royal Air Force before obtaining work at the Veterans Review Board(VRB). Simultaneously to her position at the VRB Joedy raised her three children and studied law. She was admitted as a Lawyer at the Supreme Court in 2013.  Joedy has worked exceptionally hard to be in her position and that reflects in her attitude and zest for fighting for the best outcome for her clients.